Madeline Naranjo Santa Clara Pueblo Black Carved Pottery Wedding Vase [SOLD]


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Madeline Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

This black carved wedding vase by Madeline Naranjo was beautifully finished in the traditional style of carved pottery of Santa Clara Pueblo.  Madeline combined traditional polished carved pottery with matte finish surrounding the Avanyu and running up the outer sides of each spout.  It was a very successful innovation.  The matte is a velvety finish accent to a highly burnished surface.  Within the body of the wedding vase is a traditional Avanyu design that is highlighted by the matte finish surrounding it.  The Avanyu has an elaborately carved body and was beautifully burnished.  The Avanyu has a lightning arrow emanating from its mouth.  The back side of the wedding vase is as beautifully carved as the front so that displaying either side is appealing. 

Artist Signature of Madeline Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterMadeline Naranjo (1916-2020) was an active potter beginning in the mid-1930s. She won many awards for her blackware pottery, including numerous ones from Santa Fe Indian Market, the New Mexico State Fair, and the prestigious New Mexico Governor's Award.  I first met Madeline and her daughter, Frances Siow, in the early 1980s when I was purchasing pottery from both. We sold their pottery at the Albuquerque gallery for at least 20 years.  The last Santa Fe Indian Market that she participated in was in 1994 during which she was awarded a ribbon for a carved bowl. Madeline was the wife of Jose G. Naranjo; mother of Fidel Naranjo, Frances Siow and Joseph Naranjo. She is known for her carved blackware bowls, jars, plates, and engagement baskets with carved designs going up the handles.

Madeline had a long and distinguished career.  She died in 2020 at the age of 104.  She was an active potter for about 75 years.  She will be missed by many collectors who cherished her work.

What is the Purpose of a Wedding Vase?

Condition: very good condition with minor scratches

Provenance: this Madeline Naranjo Santa Clara Pueblo Black Carved Pottery Wedding Vase is from the collection of Wilma Hall, former VA nurse in Albuquerque

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Madeline Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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