Small Pair of Silver Diné Button Post Earrings [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

These small Navajo silver button earrings were handcrafted during the early to mid-20th century.  This particular form of silverwork was long favored by the Diné for their own use as decoration on clothing. Originally, they were most probably used as buttons on a Diné blouse—either for a man or woman and afterwards carefully repurposed  as post earrings. 

They feature the traditional domed silver shape with stamped lines radiating from the center. A post was set on the back. The final result is a pair of classic looking earrings. They are unsigned as was the custom during the time period they were crafted. 

Condition: The Small Pair of Silver Diné Button Post Earrings are in excellent condition. 

Provenance: From a Santa Fe Collection

Recommended Reading:

Navajo Silver: A Brief History of Navajo Silver by Arthur Woodward;

Navajo Jewelry: A Legacy of Silver and Stone by Lois Essary Jacka;

Indian Silver: Navajo and Pueblo Jewelers by Margery Bedinger

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Jeweler Unknown
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