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Original Painting of Two Women in Conversation


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Francisco Zuñiga (1912-1998)

Three of the most prominent Latin American artists of the 20th century were Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, and Francisco Zuñiga. These three artists are considered to be the greatest Mexican artists of the period.

Zuñiga was born and raised in Costa Rica but at the age of 23 moved to Mexico and established his reputation painting Mexican women. He became a naturalized Mexican citizen in 1986.

Zuñiga’s women have the presence of ancient goddesses rendered in the situation of daily life and motherhood. His full-figured women are reminiscent of those of early European masters, yet they pay homage to the simple Mexican and Native Indian women of Mexico.

This extraordinary pastel and charcoal painting of two women face-to-face in conversation is typical of his art. It is signed and dated in lower right [his signature] 1964 in his typical style. The painting is beautifully matted with silk matting and framed in a white gold wood frame.


Francisco Zuñiga (1912-1998)
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