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Acoma Pueblo Pottery Turkey Figurine [R]


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Marie Zieu Chino (1907-1982)

Marie Z. Chino is considered one of the significant ceramicists at Acoma and was the matriarch of a very talented family of potters. She was only 15 years old when she won her first prize at Santa Fe Indian Market. She was certainly one of the Acoma potters who made particularly important contributions to the art of pottery making in the period following World War II.

Chino made significant large jars during her career and occasionally she must have entertained herself by making smaller pieces such as this turkey. It is not unusual for potters to take a break from the arduous task of making larger vessels, and turn to the easier task of making smaller pieces.

This turkey appears fat and happy. It was beautifully constructed and exquisitely painted. Even on smaller pieces, potters do not tend to slack. They put the same effort into properly making each piece. The fine lines on this gobbler are as straight as if they were painted on a large jar.

The turkey is in excellent condition. It is signed: M. Z. Chino Acoma N.M.

Marie Zieu Chino (1907-1982)
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