Southwest Indian Pottery: Contemporary

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Southwest Pueblo pottery underwent a dramatic change following the resurgence in interest after World War II. We notice that some potters continued their production in what we think of as the traditional designs. Other Pueblo potters exerted their individuality as artists and revised traditional shapes, sizes, and designs while retaining the traditional ways of manufacture.  Polychrome wares or Polychrome pottery – with artist signatures appeared.  Maria Martinez was given the credit for being the first to sign her pottery with a signature—establishing the line between old, historic pottery and new, contemporary pottery.

Southwest Indian Pottery: Contemporary

Southwest Indian PotteryContemporaryHopi Pueblo, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu

Southwest Indian PotteryContemporarySan Ildefonso Pueblo, Po-woh-ge-oweenge

Southwest Indian PotteryContemporarySanta Clara Pueblo, Kha'p'oo Owinge