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Kachina - Katsina Dolls

Origin: Hopi Pueblo

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Southwest Indian Hopi Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Adobe Gallery specializes in the fine art and craft art of the Hopi. Featured are contemporary and historic pottery, traditional Katsina dolls, and fine art. The collection comprises historic and contemporary pottery from named potters such at the Nampeyo family as well as pottery without known potters. Most of the potters from Hopi are originally Tewa Indians from New Mexico pueblos; however, there are a few potters there who are of Hopi origin - which is located in Arizona. In addition to pottery, the Hopi are known for beautiful baskets from Second Mesa and plaques from Third Mesa, exquisite sterling silver overlay jewelry, and Kachina or Katsina dolls. There are occasional weavings of clothing and blankets from the few male weavers still active.

Kachina - Katsina DollsHopi PuebloTraditional