Katsina Dolls

Origin: Zuni Pueblo, SHE-WE-NA

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Southwest Indian Zuni Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Over 9,000 Zuni (who call themselves the "A:shiwi") live on their reservation in western New Mexico. Zuni Pueblo is the most remote pueblo in New Mexico.  It is located somewhat near to Acoma and Laguna Pueblos, but quite a distance from the Rio Grande pueblos.  In addition to its isolation on the western edge of the state, Zuni residents also speak a language different from all the other pueblos.  The language is unique to the Zuni.

Early Zuni pottery has been classified as Ashiwi Polychrome (1700-1760) and Kiapkwa Polychrome (1760-1850).  Today’s classification, Zuni Polychrome, started around 1850.