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Original Painting of a Hopi Snake Dancer [SOLD]


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Raymond Naha, Hopi Pueblo Painter

One of Fred Kabotie’s most talented students, Raymond Naha is known for being one of the first Native American artists to break away from the two-dimensional style of Dorothy Dunn’s Santa Fe Indian School. He had studied under Kabotie at Oraibi High School on the reservation for one year. He was very adept in presenting Hopi dances as they appear and in following detail in the Katsinam costuming. It is unfortunate that his life was cut short at the age of 41.

This image of a Hopi Snake Dancer is an excellent portrayal of the subject. It is a perfect match for another painting of a Snake Dancer by Naha. See Item #C2939D Original Painting of a Hopi Snake Dancer by clicking here.

The painting is in original excellent condition; however it has not been examined out of frame. The frame is a simple black wood frame and shows wear.

Provenance: From the personal collection of the family of Frances Balcomb, owner of Balcomb’s Gallery, at one time located in Arizona, then Taos, Gallup, and Albuquerque, but closed since 1976.

Raymond Naha, Hopi Pueblo Painter
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