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Giclée (ghee-clay) is French for "to spray". It is a process where the original artwork is rendered digitally. Artists at the printer, or atelier, work with the image on a high resolution computer screen to get it completely accurate. Because no screens are used, the prints have a higher resolution than lithographs. The dynamic color range is greater than serigraphy. In the Giclée process, a fine stream of ink, more than four million droplets per second, is sprayed onto archival art paper or canvas. Each piece is carefully hand mounted onto a drum which rotates during printing. Exact calculations of hue, value, and density direct the ink flow. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes (with over 3 million colors possible) of highly saturated, nontoxic ink. The artist's color approval and input are essential for creating the final custom settings for the edition.  Displaying a full color spectrum, the prints are lush and velvety with the feel and luminosity of a watercolor. Giclée prints capture every nuance of an original painting, be it watercolor, oil, or acrylic.



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