Six Strand Coral Necklace with Pueblo Wrap [SOLD]


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Jeweler Once Known

This Kewa Pueblo six-strand coral necklace was designed to hang just below the neckline rather than lower on one's body. Each strand is filled with short cylindrical coral beads tightly fitted together. The strands are the same length, so they hang over each other at the bottom loop. The coral has a beautiful, polished finish.

It is easy to appreciate the beauty of this deeply colored set of coral. Arranged neatly in even strands, the necklace flows in a natural way. The compilation of six strands results in a piece that is very well balanced.

Although this necklace is unsigned, due to its pueblo wrap, we identify it as having been made by an artisan from Kewa Pueblo (formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo). It is clear, however, that the artist crafted it with care and vision, as the result is something outstanding and sophisticated that any individual could be proud to wear on any occasion.

What is a Pueblo Wrap? A cotton string wrapped around and coiled tightly, usually used in necklaces to secure them (see image below).

Condition: original condition

Provenance: this Six Strand Coral Necklace with Pueblo Wrap is from the collection of a client

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TAGS: Southwest Indian JewelryKEWA, Santo Domingo Pueblonecklace

 Pueblo Wrap: string wrapped around and coiled tightly - usually used in necklaces to secure them.

Close up view of the coral.

Jeweler Once Known
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