Handsome Men’s Silver and Turquoise Ring


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Jeweler Once Known

This striking men's silver ring features a single piece of vibrant turquoise, elegantly set within a shadowbox design. Sun ray motifs adorn either side, adding a touch of celestial beauty. Crafted in the 1970s, this vintage piece exudes the distinctive style and meticulous craftsmanship of its era. While lacking a maker's signature, it likely originates from a Diné artist of the Navajo Nation, known for their exceptional jewelry work.

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Condition: good condition

Provenance: this Handsome Men's Silver and Turquoise Ring is from the collection of a client from Colorado

Recommended Reading: INDIAN JEWELRY FACT & FANTASY: An Informative Guide to Jewelry of the Southwest by Marsha Lund. Paladin Press, Boulder, 1976

TAGS: Navajo Nation, Southwest Indian Jewelry

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Jeweler Once Known
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