Historic Large Hopi Pueblo Pottery Cylinder [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This large historic pottery cylinder was made by an unknown Hopi Pueblo potter. We would estimate that it dates to the 1920s. While this particular example was likely made for sale, cylindrical vessels were indeed made for use at the pueblos long before a pottery market existed. A number of cylindrical pieces were discovered at Chaco Canyon, and it was determined that they had been used by their ancestral Puebloan makers for drinking chocolate (kakawa or cacao).

This particular example was likely made for sale and display, but at about 100 years old, its look and feel are more in line with late historic wares. It is beautifully patinated, with light wear and a few abrasions from handling but no significant damage or professional restoration. At over a foot in height and nearly eight inches in diameter, this is a large and impressive example of cylindrical pottery. It flares outward as it rises from the base, eventually reaching almost twice the diameter of the base before curving inward to the rim. It is an absolutely gorgeous form that will appeal to many.

Painted bird designs, which appear in the typical black and red pigments, flow beautifully around the vessel's exterior. A variety of traditional Hopi elements are arranged into large, inverted U shapes, with spirals set within. Additional spirals appear outside of the U shapes, sending arrow-shaped elements up toward the rim. The linework is delicate and precise, and the composition as a whole suits the vessel perfectly. This is a beautiful example of an inventive Hopi potter's updated variation of a traditional form.

Condition: very good condition, light abrasion and one small pop-out (see below)

Provenance: this Historic Large Hopi Pueblo Pottery Cylinder is from a private Santa Fe collection

Recommended Reading: Contemporary Hopi Pottery by Laura Graves Allen

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Condition: very good condition, light abrasion and one small pop-out (shown here)

Pueblo Potter Unknown
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