Hopi Kwikwilyaka (Mocking) Katsina Doll and Dog [SOLD]


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Michael Dean Jenkins (1959- ) Hon-wahzhie

close up view of canteen"Kwikwilyaka is the Mocking Kachina.  As a clown he has little personality of his own but fastens like a leech onto any activity that catches his eye.  With mirror-like accuracy he will reflect every action of the unfortunate whom he decides to mimic.  He drives the other kachinas such as Hó-e to strong measures to rid themselves of this unwanted echo.  Should a person in the audience become the focus of this undesired attention, he must wait until something else diverts the kachina.  But the wait is very difficult without inadvertently making some movement, and the rapidity of the mocking usually produces gales of laughter from the rest of the audience. During the Bean Dance procession he is a foil for the Hó-e and an annoyance to others." (Barton Wright)


This carving of Kwikwilyaka appears with Anglo clothing as usual and a bundle of cedar bark for hair on his head.  Many times, Hó-e Katsinas will rid themselves of this irritant by pretending to set its hair on fire.  When Kwikwilyaka mimics this action, he actually sets his own hair on fire. 


The katsina doll is seated on a log, has a moccasin on one foot and a commercial shoe without laces on the other.  He is holding a gourd rattle behind his back with which he will probably frighten the dog once he has his attention. 


Condition: The carving is in excellent condition. 

Provenance: from the estate of Tom Mittler, a former resident of Michigan and Santa Fe


Referenced material: Kachinas: a Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Barton Wright

close up view

Michael Dean Jenkins (1959- ) Hon-wahzhie
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