Hopi Old Katsina Doll with Loss of Most Paint [SOLD]


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Carver Unknown

This katsina doll from Hopi Pueblo appears to be very oldperhaps late 1800s or early 1900s.  There are remnants of paint in the recessed areas of the carving and a little remaining on the face.  It is strange that so much of the paint is missing, as that is not the normal wear pattern, however, what paint remains does appear to be authentic. 


Condition:  Both feet have been broken off and the previous owner had the doll mounted on a newly-made pedestal that is not original to the doll.  Both hands are missing.

Recommended Reading: Classic Hopi and Zuni Kachina Figures by Barton Wright.  This book is currently not available from Adobe Gallery

Provenance: sent to us by a resident of Colorado 

Close up view of the front - face

Carver Unknown
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