Hopi Polychrome Polacca Bowl with Handles


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Artist Unknown

Polacca pottery style began around 1740. It did not become the predominant style at Hopi Pueblo until about 1800, and it continued to be until about 1890. Polacca wares were the predominant utilitarian wares of this time period. This small bowl is covered in Polacca slip which traditionally crazes with age.

The bowl has a slightly rounded bottom and curves in gracefully to the rim.  There are two small handles.  The interior of the bowl was deliberately splattered with brown pigment over the yellow slip.  The rim is red.  The design is a simple representation of clouds.


Condition: very good condition

Recommended Reading: Canvas of Clay: Seven Centuries of Hopi Ceramic Art by Edwin L. Wade and Allan Cooke

Provenance: from a gentleman from the Midwest


Artist Unknown
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