Hopi Kuwan Heheya Katsina Doll, circa 1940s [SOLD]


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Once Known Native American Carver

This carving of Kuwan Heheya is an all-wood carving with the addition of feathers on his head. It appears to date to the 1940s. The carver created an excellent example of this katsina, with good body proportions and proper size face mask. His torso Is painted yellow and red. He wears a traditional nugget necklace with jacla.

The traditional white sash was beautifully rendered with the folded section around the waist and the remainder hanging off to the right side. The belt is overlaid on the traditional embroidered kilt. He wears blue moccasins with painted designs.

"The Kuwan Heheya or ‘Colorful' Heheya is one of the group dancers often chosen for the Niman Kachina on First Mesa. They are accompanied by Kachin Manas who dance in a separate line, kneel and rasp at certain parts of the ceremony. Again, the ceremony is to bring rain for the partly matured crops, and they are asked, as the Hemis Kachina is asked, to tell the supernaturals to bring rain. The Kuwan Heheya are usually accompanied by two side dancers: one is the Heheya's Uncle and the other is the Heheya Youth." [Wright, 1973]

What is a Kachina?

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Hopi Kuwan Heheya Katsina Doll, circa 1940s is from the collection of a gentleman from California

Reference: Wright, Barton. Kachinas a Hopi Artist's Documentary, 1973.

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Alternate close-up view of the Katsina Doll face.

Once Known Native American Carver
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