Hopi Pueblo Polychrome Historic Pottery Cylinder


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

Alternate view of this Hopi Pueblo Pottery Cylinder.This polychrome pottery cylinder was made by a Hopi Pueblo artist. Its patina and its pattern of light wear from handling suggest that it was made in the 1920s, but it's possible that it was made a decade earlier or later than that period.

This is a substantial piece, with thick walls and bold designs. A pair of lines circles the exterior about a half inch below the rim. Two repetitions of a massive eagle design hang down from the pair of lines, with feathers and a variety of additional elements appearing within. These designs are mostly completed in black, but there are touches of a beautiful maroon tone as well.

While the designs are sizable, there is still a great deal of unpainted space on the exterior. This is fortunate, as the bright orange color of the slip is one of this cylinder's finest visual components. The typical piece would be a bit more muted in tone, displaying more of the cream color that appears only in one small area on this cylinder. Certain sections here are darkened by a cloudy touch of gray, which we are often happy to see on historic pieces.

Condition: excellent condition, some light abrasion and one superficial slip crack

Provenance: this Hopi Pueblo Polychrome Historic Pottery Cylinder is from the collection of Bob & Louise Sluder, Dealers/Collectors active from 1955 to 1990

Recommended Reading: America's Great Lost Expedition, The Thomas Keam Collection of Hopi Pottery from the Second Hemenway Expedition, 1890-1894 by Edwin Wade, et al.

TAGS: Southwest Indian PotteryHopi Pueblo, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu

Pueblo Potter Unknown
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