Hopi Tuskiapaya Katsina, Crazy Rattle Kachina Doll


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Carver Unknown

There are two katsina dolls in published reference books that are very similar in the mask design.  The descriptions of the two dolls as listed in Colton are:

Tuskiapaya (Crazy Rattle): Case mask, painted green or blue, pop eyes, rectangular mouth, usually built out.  Band of alternating black and white squares across eyes.  Ears with stepped element in white.  Kilt and sash; body paint, red with yellow shoulders.

Sikya-chantaka (Flowers or Guts in the Snow): Green case mask, black band with white squares across the eyes, band outlined with red; pop eyes, red ears, mouth square with painted teeth (may or may not be built out), white feathers on top of head.  Kilt, sash, green moccasins.  Body painted red with yellow shoulders, forearms, and legs.  

The two are quite similar in description, so we made the decision based on the stepped element ears, that this is Tuskiapaya - Crazy Rattle Katsina.  Others may disagree with our choice.

What is unusual about this doll is the cactus-like element on his head.  Neither description above mentions such an element.  I do not think they are meant to represent feathers as there are real feathers on his head.  Colton does not describe what the katsina might carry in his hands.  In Barton Wright, the painting shows a rattle in the right hand and a bow in the left.  This carving has nothing in either hand.  The picture in Wright illustrates a red ribbon bandana across the chest and a turquoise necklace with jaclas around his neck.  This doll has both.

It appears likely that the carver perhaps used the Barton Wright book as guidance.  Wright placed the two katsinas side-by-side in his book (pp. 208 and 209).  Colton’s descriptions are listed as katsina #253 and #258.

Condition: good condition with splits in the wood from the face to the bottom of the kilt.  Very minor paint abrasions.

Provenance: this Hopi Tuskiapaya Katsina, Crazy Rattle Kachina Doll is from the collection of a gentleman from California


- Colton, Harold S. Hopi Kachina Dolls: with a Key to their Identification

- Wright, Barton. KACHINAS A Hopi Artist's Documentary

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Alternate close up view of the Katsina face.

Carver Unknown
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