Hopi Small Elaborately Designed Polychrome Jar [SOLD]


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Rondina Huma, Hopi Pueblo Potter

Rondina Huma (1947 – ) sigantureRondina Huma’s intricately designed pottery has been one of the most sought-after for over a decade. She has been featured in many publications and her work is represented in major galleries and museums throughout the country. There is no mystery as to why she has won many awards over the years for her exquisite work. She deserves every accolade bestowed on her. Her pottery is traditional in every manner. She hand coils all the vessels and uses only vegetal and mineral paints. Traditional firing is carried out as well.  It is reported that she no longer can make pottery due to sight problems, a great loss to collectors.

This small jar is as magnificent as her larger works.  It is filled with designs throughout its entire surface.

Condition: this Hopi Small Elaborately Designed Polychrome Jar is in very good condition with very minor pigment abrasion

Provenance: from a resident of Iowa, whose mother collected this and other pueblo pottery, who has inherited her mother’s estate, and is not comfortable having breakable art around her operating ranch.

Recommended Reading:  Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf

Close up view of side panel design.

Rondina Huma, Hopi Pueblo Potter
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