Jemez Pueblo Ten Piece Pottery Nacimiento by Marie Gachupin Romero [SOLD]


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Marie Gachupin Romero, Jemez Pueblo Potter

This Nacimiento or pottery nativity set was made by Cochiti Pueblo artist Marie Gachupin Romero most likely in the late 1980s and is typical of the style she produced throughout her career, with some variations.   The pigments are all natural and were left in a matte state. Later in her career, she stone-polished sections of the figures. She made her first set in 1975 and it sold immediately.  The following August she made some for Indian Market and the opening of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, and then orders came flowing in for more. One of her sets was pictured in New Mexico Magazine.

This set included Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, an angel, three kings, a shepherd and his sheep and a donkey.  Mary is kneeling with her eyes open. Joseph is standing with his hands crossed in front, is wearing a blanket draped across one shoulder, and has his eyes open.  Baby Jesus is snugly secured in a cradle. The angle has her arms stretched out in front with a blanket wrapped around from hand to hand. Each of the three kings is wrapped in a blanket and each carries a gift for the Baby Jesus.  One has ears of corn, one has a bowl, and the third one has a loaf of bread.  

Artist Signature - Marie Gachupin Romero, Jemez Pueblo PotterThe potter signed one of the figures on the underside.

Condition:  this Jemez Pueblo Ten Piece Pottery Nacimiento by Marie Gachupin Romero is in very good condition

Provenance: from a collection of a gentleman from North Carolina

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Marie Gachupin Romero, Jemez Pueblo Potter
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