Large Hopi Pueblo Pottery Tall Cylinder [SOLD]


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Potter Once Known

This cylindrical pottery vessel was made by an unknown Hopi Pueblo artist. We would estimate that the piece dates to the 1940s, which means that it was most certainly made for the market. At nearly fourteen inches in height, it is one of the larger examples of this form that we've seen.

The tall cylinder pottery jar was a form that was already familiar to Pueblo potters. The Ancestral Pueblos living at Chaco Canyon had made them. A cache of intact jars was found there, and it was discovered these vessels had been used for drinking chocolate. Hopi potters took an ancient shape and transformed it to create tall, memorable vases for the tourists.

The cylinder features two repetitions of an elegant design pattern, which is made of traditional Hopi elements. Pairs of tall, thin forms travel up the vessel before making semicircular curves inward, ultimately meeting each other as they reach their ends. Groups of vertical framing lines appear on opposite ends of the vessel, separating the two repetitions of the pattern. In the areas in which the semicircular forms meet, more vertical lines appear while traveling just over halfway down the vessel. Groups of horizontal framing lines appear as well, completing a set of designs that is attractive and neatly organized.

The talented creator of this piece used the typical black pigment for most of the design, adding a touch of red in just one area of each repetition. This is set over a gorgeous slip, which transitions smoothly from a neutral cream tone to a warm orange. This is a unique and beautiful piece of Hopi pottery.

Condition: very good condition, some light abrasion from handling

Provenance: this Large Hopi Pueblo Pottery Tall Cylinder is from a private Colorado collection

Recommended Reading: America's Great Lost Expedition, The Thomas Keam Collection of Hopi Pottery from the Second Hemenway Expedition, 1890-1894 by Edwin Wade, et al.

TAGS: Southwest Indian PotteryHopi Pueblo, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu

Potter Once Known
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