Navajo Nation Corn Plant Pictorial Runner Textile [SOLD]


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Weaver Unknown

This Navajo rug has pictorial elements of corn stalk and ceremonial imagery.  As usual, we contacted our artist friend on the Navajo Reservation for clarity of what is represented pictorially.  His comments are:

The Navajo rug depicts the corn stalk. The white three lines represent the roots that grow the corn. Above the corn plant represents the corn tassels where pollen is produced. Surrounding the corn stalk are corn beetle people associated with the corn pollen and messengers to the sacred deities.

We are always pleased to have him clarify Diné images for us, as it makes the item more interesting and the reader more educated about Diné culture and their art objects.

Condition: very good condition

Photography by Aaryn Ruggles

Provenance: this Navajo Nation Corn Plant Pictorial Runner Textile is from a client from California

Recommended Reading: HISTORIC NAVAJO WEAVING 1800 – 1900 Three Cultures, One Loom by Tyrone D. Campbell, et al.

Weaver Unknown
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