Diné Runner Rug from Lukachukai Area [SOLD]


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Weaver Unknown

This Navajo runner is a very nice tight weave with a mixture of natural undyed sheep’s wool and some dyed sheep’s wool.  The light grey background is a carded mixture of white with very little black wool.  The central diamond is composed of three colors—light brown from carded white and brown wool, darker brown of the same process but with less white wool, and a central red diamond achieved by aniline dye.  The four mountains in the corners are deep black wool outlined with white wool.  Each end of the rug has grey stripes.         

Lukachukai, a Navajo word translated as "reed streaking out white", is in the northeastern area of Apache County in Arizona.  Lukachukai is located near the foothills of the Lukachukai Mountain. The Lukachukai Mountain connects with the Chuska Mountains and stretches approximately 60 miles straddling the Arizona and New Mexico state line. Roof Butte at an elevation of 9,835 feet above sea level is the high point of the Lukachukai Mountain range.  With a population of less than 1500 residents, there cannot be many rug weavers who still pursue weaving.

Condition: very good condition, just professionally cleaned

Provenance: this Diné Runner Rug from Lukachukai Area is from a client in California

Recommended Reading: NAVAJO RUGS – past, present & future by Gilbert Maxwell

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Close up view of this Navajo textile.
Weaver Unknown
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