Diné Large Silver Ashtray with Elevated Square Turquoise Gemstone [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

This absolutely magnificent Navajo stamped silver ashtray is rectangular in shape and has a bowl in the center that is in the shape of a concha. The ashtray is elevated on a round foot that puts it ⅝” above table top.  The oval dish and the surrounding flat silver are filled to the maximum with design elements that evoke thoughts of peacock feathers. There are over 60 of them. Surrounding the edge of the bowl are a series of small curved elements, each with five spikes.  The four cigarette holders are curved and each one appears as sun rays. In the center is a silver pole topped with a large square turquoise gemstone.

This is one of the most elaborate and exquisite ashtrays one could imagine.  It is no wonder that it was never used as an ashtray but was preserved in its original condition.  It is a beautiful display piece.

Condition: this Diné Large Silver Ashtray with Elevated Square Turquoise Gemstone is in original condition

Provenance: from the collection of a client from Washington, DC

Reference and Recommended Reading: BEESH LIGAII IN BALANCE The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection of Navajo and Pueblo Silverwork by John Torres-Nez

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Jeweler Unknown
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