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Silver Hoop Earrings with Single Silver Ball [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

These earrings were made by a Diné craftsman in the 1930s decade and purchased by a resident of Isleta Pueblo.  They have been in the same collection since.  The silver bead on each earring exhibits the characteristic expanded hole resulting from prolonged wear.  As the bead swings around the silver wire loop, it slowly enlarges the hole, a sure sign of significant age and wear.  A thinner silver wire was soldered on one end of the wire hoop and passes through the opening on the other end of the hoop.  This is typical of this style earring from as early as 1875.

Condition: the Silver Hoop Earrings with Single Silver Ball are in very good condition

Provenance: from an elderly gentleman from Isleta Pueblo whose late wife’s property it was.

Recommended Reading: Bauver, Robert.  Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945 Collected by Robert V. Gallegos

Jeweler Unknown
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