Special Exhibit - Aguilar Sisters Historic Pottery of Santo Domingo Pueblo


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Aguilar Sisters Historic Pottery of Santo Domingo Pueblo

At the turn of the twentieth century, Felipita Aguilar Garcia and Asunción Aguilar Caté, sisters from Santo Domingo Pueblo, were creating pottery in the traditional fashion of their people. The Aguilar sisters were skilled potters who produced fine examples of traditional Santo Domingo Black-on-cream pottery. At the time, the Santa Fe train stopped at Santo Domingo Pueblo, allowing the sisters and other Native artists to sell their works to visitors.

When the sales of their pottery declined, they changed their style dramatically. It was like nothing else anyone had seen before and now very recognizable and attributable to the two sisters.

We have put together an important Special Exhibit of sixteen jars that represent the wide variety of design styles of the Aguilar sisters, from the traditional nineteenth century Santo Domingo style to the ultimate creation of a new style, as well as the steps between the two. We are pleased to again exhibit a large selection of their works and to continue our effort to keep their names prominent among collectors of the finest historic pueblo pottery.

Opening Thursday, August 8 with reception from 5 to 7 pm

Preview the show now - and you can also download a digital catalog.

Aguilar Sisters Historic Pottery of Santo Domingo Pueblo


Felipita Aguilar Garcia and Asuncion Aguilar Caté, Santo Domingo Pueblo Potters
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