Special Exhibit - Artworks of San Ildefonso Pueblo


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Artist Unknown

San Ildefonso Very Large Black-on-black Jar.  Part of our Artworks of San Ildefonso Pueblo Special Exhibit.Our third and final August exhibit opening—Artworks of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

The relatively small pueblo of San Ildefonso is responsible for an incredible amount of artistic innovation.  Black-on-Black pottery, perfected by Maria Martinez and family, might be the most widely collected. San Ildefonso’s colorful historic pottery jars and bowls are amazing, as are the works on paper created by the earliest known pueblo painters.  With this exhibit, we highlight all of these movements and more in an effort to display the amazing variety of important works produced at San Ildefonso.

We are hosting an opening reception on Monday, August 12 from 5 to 7 pm.  Please join us if possible. 

As always, those who are unable to visit the gallery are invited to enjoy the show on our website.

You can preview this Special Exhibit now: Artworks of San Ildefonso.

Artist Unknown
C4084G-paint.jpgC4211B-jar.jpg Click on image to view larger.