Tesuque Pueblo Very Old Serving Bowl


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Artist Unknown

This circa 1880s bowl from Tesuque Pueblo appears never to have been used.  The interior slip and design are in original condition. The bowl is a little out of alignment in roundness, varying in diameter by 1/4-inch.  The depth is 4-½ inches on one area and 4 inches on another. It appears to have sagged while the clay was still moist or wet. It is those aspects of the bowl that add to its charm.

The double framing line on the interior of the bowl was most definitely placed free-hand as it is somewhat wavy in style.  The designs on the interior were well executed. A two-inch wide red band was added to the rim area on the exterior of the bowl.  

Condition:  this Tesuque Pueblo Very Old Serving Bowl is in very good condition with one chip on the rim having been glued back in without any attempt to conceal it.

Provenance: from the extensive Southwest Indian Pottery collection of a family from Colorado

Recommended Reading:  Batkin, Jonathan. Pottery of the Pueblos of New Mexico 1700 - 1940.

Close up view of inside bowl design.

Artist Unknown
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