Zuni Pueblo Silver Trapeze Swing Earrings [SOLD]


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Once Known Native American Jeweler

This pair of Zuni Pueblo turquoise earrings features the fine lapidary work of an unknown mid-century artist. The earrings consist of a twisted ribbon silver triangle suspended from a silver wire loop that is attached to the pierced ear post. The post displays three very small silver domed cabs.

Attached to the twisted silver ribbon wire is a diamond shape arrangement of snake eye turquoise cabs. From this display are four pendant silver paddles. These classic Zuni earrings were made for pierced ears and are light and easy to wear.

Condition: new condition

Provenance: these Zuni Pueblo Silver Trapeze Swing Earrings are from a client of the gallery

Recommended Reading: Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945 by Robert Bauver

TAGS: Southwest Indian JewelryZuni Pueblo

These earrings are fashioned for pierced ears.

Once Known Native American Jeweler
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