Ada Suina, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Ada Suina, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

Cochiti Pueblo artist Ada Suina is highly respected for her storyteller pottery figurines and her nacimientos (nativity scenes). She has always been recognized as one of the premier figurine potters at Cochiti Pueblo. Her storyteller figurines have strong, chiseled faces and happy expressions. She still uses all-natural materials and fires the figurines outdoors in the traditional manner. Suina has recently resumed making pottery figurines, after stopping for a while following the death of her husband. She relied so much on his help in digging the clay and working it to a point where she could form the figurines. Now she must do everything by herself; therefore it is taking significantly more time to complete a piece.

Ada Suina was born May 20, 1930 at Cochiti Pueblo, the daughter of Berina and Eluterio Cordero, sister to Stephanie C. Rhoades (Snowflake Flower). Her maternal grandmother Estefanita Herrera was instrumental in inspiring Ada to become a potter, and her cousin, Virginia Naranjo, taught her the intricacies of pottery making.

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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