Ada Suina, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Ada Suina, Cochiti Pueblo PotterAda Suina, a distinguished artist from Cochiti Pueblo, is celebrated for her exquisite craftsmanship in creating storyteller pottery figurines and nacimientos (nativity scenes). Her reputation as one of the foremost figurine potters at Cochiti Pueblo is well-earned and recognized. Her storyteller figurines, characterized by their robust, chiseled faces and joyful expressions, are a testament to her artistic prowess.

Suina's commitment to tradition is evident in her use of all-natural materials and her adherence to outdoor firing techniques. After a hiatus following the death of her husband, who was instrumental in the clay preparation process, Suina has recently returned to her craft. Now, she single-handedly manages all stages of the process, from clay excavation to figurine formation, which has inevitably extended the time required to complete each piece.

Born on May 20, 1930, at Cochiti Pueblo, Ada Suina is the daughter of Berina and Eluterio Cordero and the sister of Stephanie C. Rhoades, also known as Snowflake Flower. Her journey into pottery was inspired by her maternal grandmother, Estefanita Herrera. Further honing her skills, her cousin, Virginia Naranjo, imparted to her the intricate nuances of pottery making. This rich lineage and mentorship have undoubtedly contributed to Suina's mastery and her remarkable contributions to the art of pottery.

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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