Albert Lujan, Taos Pueblo Painter

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Artist Signature - Albert Lujan (1892-1948) Weasel Arrow

Albert Lujan specialized in painting the multi-storied buildings seen at his native Taos Pueblo, usually devoid of people and typically in miniature scale. Classically, these amazing views included a pueblo adobe house framed by beehive outdoor ovens, majestic mountains, beautiful New Mexico blue sky, and oftentimes, a ristra of chili.

Albert Lujan (1892-1948) Weasel Arrow was an early Taos painter. He was ahead of his time by painting with a style influence by Euro-American artists. In contrast, many of his classmates at THE STUDIO taught by Dorothy Dunn at the Santa Fe Indian School developed their own unique style of painting and continued to utilize what became known as the Flat Style of Native American painting. His work was shunned by collectors and the Museum of New Mexico Fine Art Gallery because it was too much like what other Taos and Santa Fe artists produced.

Alternate Signature of artist Albert Lujan, Taos Pueblo PainterNow he has come of age and his works are being sought by collectors and museums. In fact, an exhibit of some 40 works was recently displayed at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico. The exhibit featured the works of Albert Lujan, Albert Looking Elk Martinez (also of Taos), and Juan Mirabal. These three artists all painted in what is known as the European style. There also is an excellent article on this trio of artists in New Mexico Magazine, January 2003.

Recommended Reading:  For a compelling and comprehensive overview of the life and artwork of Albert Lujan please see Albert Lujan: Entrepreneurial Pueblo Painter of Tourist Art (1892 - 1948) by Bradley F. Taylor, American Indian Art Magazine, Volume 25, Number 4, Autumn 2000, page 56.

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