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Albert Lujan (1892-1948) Weasel Arrow

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Artist Signature - Albert Lujan (1892-1948) Weasel ArrowAlbert Lujan (1892-1948) Weasel Arrow specialized in painting the multi-storied buildings at the Taos Pueblo, usually devoid of people. Typically, these views included one of the main pueblo houses, or an isolated adobe residence, each framed by beehive ovens, majestic mountains, a beautiful blue sky, and, occasionally, a ristra of chili.

Albert Lujan, an early Taos painter, was ahead of his time in painting Euro-American style art rather than the Dorothy Dunn School of art being practiced by most of the other Native American artists of his time. His work was shunned by collectors and the Museum of New Mexico Fine Art Gallery because it was too much like the Taos and Santa Fe artists produced. Now he has come of age. His works are being sought by collectors and museums. Presently, an exhibit of some 40 works is on display at the Harwood Museum in Taos until April 20th, featuring the work of Albert Lujan, Albert Looking Elk Martinez (also of Taos), and Juan Mirabal (the three artists in the early 20th century who painted in the European style). There also is an excellent article on these three artists in New Mexico Magazine, January 2003.

Suggested Reading: For a compelling and comprehensive overview of the life and artwork of Albert Lujan please see “Albert Lujan: Entrepreneurial Pueblo Painter of Tourist Art (1892 - 1948)” by Bradley F. Taylor, American Indian Art Magazine, Volume 25, Number 4, Autumn 2000, page 56.

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