Alice Quam, Zuni Pueblo Jeweler

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Artist signature of Alice Quam, Zuni Pueblo JewelerZuni Pueblo artist Alice Quam was active 1930s - 2003. She was known for cluster jewelry. For over 50 years, collectors looking for the best cluster jewelry have beaten a path to the home of Alice Quam. Alice selects only the best natural turquoise and coral. Her stones are shaped to perfection. Alice's settings are clean and precise, often with twist wire and silver balls.

Alice Quam (1929-2003) is the daughter of Doris and Wayne Ondelacy; wife of Duane Quam; mother of Alvina Quam, Lorranie Waatsa, Shirley Quam, Wayne Quam and Elgin Quam.

Reference: American Indian Jewelry II and III - 2 volumes by Gregory and Angie Yan Schaaf

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