Carl Woodring, Osage Tribe Artist

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Carl Woodring was an Osage artist. Most of his creative effort was directed toward sculpture, but he was a gifted painter who achieved success quickly-after less than a year of tutelage under Acee Blue Eagle, Woodring was exhibiting his works internationally.

Carl Woodring (1920-1985) Wasaba Shinga ("Little Bear") received many awards and accolades for his works and exhibited widely and successfully. He also served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and worked as an electrical engineer. Woodring passed away in 1985. His works are rarely available on the market today.

According to Jean Snodgrass (1968):

Reared in Pawhuska, OK, the artist began painting in 1956, under the tutelage of Acee Blue Eagle (g.v.). Within a year, he was exhibiting throughout the U.S. and Europe and had become a prolific painter. During 1964 and most of 1965 he virtually ceased to paint, but late in 1965 he began again.

Reference and Recommended Reading: American Indian Painting by Jean Snodgrass

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