Damacia Cordero, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

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Damacia Cordero signature

Cochiti Pueblo artist Damacia Cordero is known for her storyteller figurines, which are quite distinctive. They give the impression of having evolved from a much older figurative tradition. They are easily recognized by their straight, elongated torsos; long, arched noses that extend form the hairline; and protruding ears, exaggerated to the point of resembling fins or wings. Modeling of the adult's arms and of babies' bodies is minimal, and that characteristic, too, sets her figures apart.

Damacia Cordero (1905-1989) began making pottery around 1920 and was making Singing Mother figurines in the 1950s. Damacia is the daughter of Lucinda Suina; 2nd wife of Santiago Cordero; Mother of Josephine Arquero, Gloria Herrera, Marie Laweka, and Martha Arquero. Her students include her daughters and Dorothy Trujillo.

Reference:  Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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