Don Brackett, Western Artist

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Artist Signature of Don BrackettArtist Don Brackett has been painting en plein air for more than 30 years. He enjoys going on-site and painting or sketching for the full day. He then works in his studio refining and sometimes re-defining the paintings he has worked on outside. He has spent his life being continually inspired by the sights and his life experiences here in New Mexico.

Growing up in Albuquerque Don Brackett began his career with a fine art degree from the University of New Mexico. Another long-term source of inspiration has been working with his wife, P.J. Garoutte—and the two began with watercolor. In 1980 they decided to change things up and both began working with oil paints, finding another endless well of artistic incentive.

Don Brackett's work has been highly celebrated and collected receiving many local and national awards. More recently, Brackett and his wife spend their time roaming the landscapes in northern New Mexico in their painting van, being inspired by every direction.

Don Brackett (1932- ) and his wife now live in Taos, but he originally was a native of Albuquerque. He attended the University of New Mexico as a fine arts major under the tutelage of Taos painter Kenneth Adams.

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