Ed Jojola, Isleta Pueblo Painter

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Ed Jojola: A Prolific Artist from Isleta Pueblo

Artist signature of Ed Jojola Shirpoyo, Isleta PuebloEd Jojola, an artist hailing from Isleta Pueblo, is renowned for his exquisite small-scale watercolors. His artwork often encapsulates everyday scenes and subjects from his native pueblo in New Mexico, providing a unique window into his cultural heritage.

Known by his artistic name, Shirpoyo, which translates to "Colors in the Sunrise", Jojola's life spanned from an unknown birth year until 2014. He hailed from Isleta Pueblo; a place fondly referred to as the "Little Island". This name, derived from the Spanish word for islet, was bestowed upon it by the Spaniards who conquered the area. The name is a testament to its geographical location, a protrusion of land extending from the east bank into the river known as the Rio Grande.

I consider myself a detailist, using a realistic technique, which reveals my background as a technical illustrator. I strive for beauty, rhythm, accuracy and telling a story from the Native American point of view in a way that captures both the past and the present, and to show my love for the simple things in life, such as eating Indian bread baked from a horno or resting in the shade of a juniper tree along the Manzano (apple) Mountain range. —Shirpoyo

Shirpoyo's artwork has graced numerous exhibitions, including the Santa Fe Indian Market, Colorado Indian Market, and the Glenwood Springs Fall Arts Festival in Colorado. His work has also been showcased at New Mexico State University. His artistic prowess has been recognized in various publications, with features in the Denver Post, Albuquerque Journal, and Dallas News, as well as in numerous travel magazines across the United States.

Shirpoyo's paintings have found homes with patrons not only throughout the United States but also in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and South America, among others. His global reach attests to the universal appeal of his art, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

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