Edna Romero, Taos Pueblo Pottery

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Although from Santa Clara Pueblo, artist Edna Naranjo Romero makes pottery using micaceous clay from Taos Pueblo. I believe she is still currently living at Taos Pueblo. All the artists in her family are so talented and so collectible that it considered one of the premier families at Santa Clara Pueblo.

Edna Romero (1936- ) is the daughter of potter Rose Naranjo, and sister of Rina Swentzell, Tessie Naranjo, Tito Naranjo, Jody Folwell, Dolly Naranjo, Michael Naranjo, and Nora Naranjo-Morse. She is the aunt of Roxanne Swentzell, Jody Naranjo, Susan Folwell, Polly Rose Folwell, Dusty Naranjo and Forrest Naranjo. What an amazing family lineage this is!

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