Frances Torivio, Acoma Pueblo Potter

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Artist signature of Frances P. Torivio, Acoma Pueblo PotterArtist Frances Torivio was one of the important matriarchs of Acoma Pueblo and she made large pottery jars in the prime of her life. She was still attending the Santa Fe Indian Market in 2001 at the grand age of 96, and proudly displaying smaller pieces of pottery.

Frances P. Torivio (1905-2001) was listed in the book Nacimientos - Nativity Scenes by Southwest Indian Artisans in the Additional Nativity Artisans section. To quote the authors "Frances Torivio began making Nativities several years ago. The figures range from 1-1/2 to 4 inches high and are realistically modeled with clearly defined arms and legs and extensive detailing. She uses the typical Acoma clay with details in orange and black."

Frances P. Torivio, Acoma Pueblo Potter, was a sister of Lolita Concho and the mother of Lilly Salvador and Wanda Aragon.

Recommended Reading: Nacimientos - Nativity Scenes by Southwest Indian Artisans by Guy and Doris Monthan

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