J.D. Roybal, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter

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Artist J.D. Roybal was a well-known San Ildefonso Pueblo. He used water-based paints throughout his career. His excellent detail in small paintings never went unnoticed. In his work there prevails fine color, excellent detail, small and fine outlines, gesturing figures, and a pleasing combination of heavy conventional themes with realistic subjects.

He did a bit of painting in the 1930s but was not very productive until the 1950s. He was most productive in the 1960-1970 decade. His most popular subject matter was his rendition of the Tewa Clowns known as Koshare or Koosa. Often, he presented them in a jovial manner.

José Desiderio (J.D.) Roybal (1922 - 1978) Oquwa (Rain God) was born at San Ildefonso, the son of Tonita and Juan Cruz Roybal. He was a nephew of famous artist Alfonso Roybal (Awa Tsireh).

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