Jack Holtman, Antique Woodworker

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Woodworker and furniture maker Jack Holtman displayed some of his minor pieces in a small space at the American Classics Marketplace antique mall on Academy Boulevard, but he did most of his business with longtime customers or through referrals. He also made his own craftsman-style lamps, tables, vase stands and picture frames in a well-equipped woodshop in his home, a demanding hobby he took up after finding good-quality originals were either scarce or unaffordable.

Jack Holtman (? - 2010)  retired from his manager's job at AT&T at age 52 to indulge his passion for antiquing. Over the years, Jack along with his wife Carol, owned a few antique shops in the Los Angelos, California area before moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico and then to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1998.

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