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Jan Loco (1949- )

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Picture of Jan Loco Warm Springs Apache

Picture of Jan Loco Halmark

Jan Loco did not learn of her Warm Springs Apache heritage from her adoptive parents until she was an adult. It was then that she learned she was the great granddaughter of Chief Loco, one of the last of the Apache chiefs, who had been imprisoned in Florida in 1886 by the U. S. government.

Jan Loco began making jewelry in 1988. She developed a method of making jewelry without the use of power tools. After cutting the silver (with heavy-duty poultry scissors or something similar) to the desired shape, she hammers it with a specially selected rock until she achieves the texture she desires. This is a laborious task, but she feels it honors her ancestry to use items of nature rather than power tools.

Picture of Jan Loco signature

Images Reference: American Indian Jewelry II: A-L 1800 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.  Signature - hallmark photos courtesy of Gregory Schaaf.  Photo of Jan Loco by Sabine.

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