Jolene Eustace, Cochiti Pueblo Master Jeweler

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Artist hallmark signature of Jolene Eustace, Cochiti Pueblo SilversmithCochiti Pueblo artist Jolene Eustace is a respected master jeweler. She is widely published and has won numerous awards.

From Greg Schaaf's book we quote "Jolene A. Eustace-Hanelt is respected as a master jeweler. She comes from a family of jewelers and potters. She grew up helping her parents. In a cover story for Indian Artist magazine, Jolene shared: ‘I was eight when I made my first piece. I got an order to do 100 tie tacks . . .That was over 100 bucks.' She bought a 10 speed bike with the money. She added ‘Then I realized I could be self sufficient with my work as an artist . . . My work is my release. My work is my meditation. It's a way of going back to Mother Earth.'" [Schaaf 2012:207]

Jolene Eustace is a daughter of Ben Eustace (c.1920s-2007) of Zuni Pueblo and Felicita Eustace (1927-2016) of Cochiti Pueblo, both of whom were potters of distinction. Also, her sister is Christina Eustace

Reference: American Indian Jewelry II: A-L 1800 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.

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