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José Angela Aguilar (1898-1965)

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José Angela Aguilar | San Ildefonso Pueblo | Fine Art | Native American Paintings | Native American Artwork | signature

Signatures of Rosalie (1898-1947) and Joe (1898-1965) AguilarJosé Angela Aguilar, sometimes known as Joe Aguilar, was the son of Susana Aguilar—a well-known potter—and is known to have painted pottery for his mom.  He was the husband of Rosalie Simbola Aguilar, also a potter, for whom he painted pottery.  He was an exceptional painter.  Kenneth Chapman included him on a list of fifteen men who painted pottery at San Ildefonso before 1940.  His son, Alfred Aguilar, said that his father formed pots, as well as painting them. 

There is no mention of him in either Clara Lee Tanner's book or in Dorothy Dunn's book as a painter of paintings; however, there are other references that indicate he was.  Snodgrass, in her book, stated "The artist has been actively engaged in art and related subjects since 1944.  In 1949, he began painting experiments in new directions."   Seymour stated "In 1987 the artist was working in the California aerospace industry doing technical drawings and only an occasional painting for friends."


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