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Juana Leno (1917-2000) Syo-ee-mee (Turquoise)

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Juana Leno was one of the finest potters of the 20th century. Artist Image Source: unknown

Juana Leno Signature

Juana Leno (1917-2000) Syo-ee-mee (Turquoise) - formerly Juana Louis Vallo - was one of the finest potters of the 20th century at Acoma Pueblo. She quietly worked every day producing extraordinary pottery without seeking acclaim. She was a wonderful woman and very modest about her talent to produce such fine pieces. She may not have achieved the fame she was due, but it was not because of the lack of quality in her work, but because she chose to remain quietly at home and not seek fame.


For years, I drove out to her home at Acomita and purchased pottery from her, and I was always charmed by how graceful she was and what beautiful work she produced. She was one of the few Acoma potters from whom I purchased.

~Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.

Artist Image Source: unknown