Justino Herrera, Cochiti Pueblo Painter

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Artist Signature of Justino Herrera (1919 - 2006 ) Stimone, Cochiti Pueblo PainterCochiti Pueblo artist Justino Herrera is known for his watercolor paintings of pueblo life. His paintings are quite rare.

Justino Herrera (1919 - 2006) Stimone was born in 1920 and served in the United Sates Army during World War II, has exhibited throughout the Southwest. In the 1940s, the artist wrote:

"I figured a plan to do while I was in the Army when I come home. I'd marry my sweetheart and have our own home on my farm, raise stock and I could keep painting too. Well, it happened. We got married and we had a little girl. Couple months later my wife took sick...."

His wife passed away, leaving him to raise his daughter on his own and little time left to paint.

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