Larry David (1948 - 2006)

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Picture of Larry DavidLarry David, Hopi Tewa, Katsina/Parrot Clan, Larry was born in 1948 at Keams Canyon, AZ. Larry was the great-great grandson of Tsan Sayah; great grandson of Pong (Snow) and Ahlong; grandson of Lena Charlie and Victor Charlie; son of Sunbeam David and Randolph David; bother of Neil David, Sr. Irma David; husband of Vidala Attocknie. Some of Larry's favorite figures to carve were Chakwaina - a Katsina family related to Women Warriors and Wild Mustard Clan, Chusona - Snake Dancer, Honánkatsina - Badger Katsina. Sadly Larry David passed in August of 2006 at his home in Polacca, First Mesa, Az.


Photo by Clay South courtesy of Gregory Schaaf

Reference: Hopi Katsina: 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.




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