Leekya Deyuse, Zuni Pueblo Artist

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Leekya Deyuse was the eminently famous Zuni Pueblo fetish carver. He lived at the pueblo and was greatly respected. He had an unmistakable style of carving that is easily recognized, and collectors seek his work. Leekya's carvings show the influence of the creations of the ancient ones. He worked closely with trader C.G. Wallace and became one the best known of Zuni fetish carvers. His work is highly collectible.

Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966) and Teddy Weahkee were described by John Adair in his book Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths as Zuni's "most expert turquoise-workers." Both Leekya and Weahkee participated in the archaeological dig at Hawikuh (1917-1923) where they discovered and had the opportunity to study the carvings of their pre-contact ancestors.

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