Lifetime Furniture

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The following is reprinted from the c1910 catalog of Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Company:

"Cloister Styles in Lifetime Furniture are the embodiment of simplicity, strength and comfort. Useless ornamentation and display have been eliminated and in its place has been incorporated only that which is useful and beautiful in its plain sturdiness.

"It is the policy of the Manufacturers of Lifetime Furniture to produce only furniture worthy of being retained in the home of the purchaser indefinitely; furniture that will neither go out of style or become unpresentable from use until it has given service valued at many times the purchase price.

"The greatest care is taken in selecting the materials that enter into the construction of Lifetime Furniture and every part is carefully inspected before being incorporated into the article for which it is intended. A thorough and systematic organization has been perfected and division of labor has been carefully systematized. Every modern machine and appliance that can be utilized to increase production and efficiency has been installed and only the most skilled craftsmen that can be obtained are employed."



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