Linda Tafoya Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

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Linda Tafoya Sanchez signatureSanta Clara Pueblo artist Linda Tafoya Sanchez has branched out from creating traditional burnished blackware pottery with simple carved designs to express her creative talent in design. She mixes burnished black with matte black and has introduced use of micaceous clay in the mixture. Linda is a highly decorated artist whose awards are too numerous to mention here, but a couple honors certainly deserve pointing out. She has earned awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show and several gallery exhibitions. One of her notable accolades is her appointment to create one of her works for presentation to the Prince of Spain.

Linda Tafoya-Sanchez (1962 - ) is known to some collectors by a previous married name Linda Tafoya Oyenque. She is a daughter of Lee (Margaret Tafoya's son) and Betty Tafoya and a granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya. She credits her aunt Mary Ester Archuleta for training her to be a potter.

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