Marilyn Henderson Ray, Acoma Pueblo Pottery

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Artist Signature - Marilyn Henderson Ray, Acoma Pueblo Potter

Acoma Pueblo artist Marilyn Henderson Ray specializes in traditional handmade pottery storyteller figurines. Her pottery creations include fine details not seen of her contemporaries works. Marilyn is the most lively and bubbly person I have ever met. When she would come to the gallery in Albuquerque with pottery to sell, the whole gallery staff gathered around because she was so pleasant to be around. I have not seen Marilyn in the twenty years we have been in Santa Fe, but I bet she has not changed a bit. (Alexander Anthony)

Marilyn Henderson Ray (1954- ) comes from a family of successful potters. She learned from her grandmother, Dolores S. Sanchez, beginning at the age of eight. Her grandmother gave her a special polishing stone. She and her grandmother gathered natural clay together. She is the daughter of Katherine Lewis of Acoma Pueblo and sister of Carolyn Concho, Rebecca Lucario, Judy Lewis, Diane Lewis, & Bernard Lewis. (Schaaf, 2002)

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf

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